Protect yourself with the one and only Ultherapy®

When choosing Ultherapy® as part of your aesthetic plan, make sure to verify that you are receiving an authentic Ultherapy® Treatment with a provider who has been trained and certified.
To find a certified Ultherapy® provider in your area, visit our clinic locator below. You can be confident in knowing these practitioners receive technical training and support from Merz.

Visualisation is the key
to unlock real results

What makes the authentic Ultherapy® different from the rest is our ability to see in real-time where needs to be treated, and visualise exactly how treatments will be delivered.
Seeing Matters because every individual has different needs and everyone's skin is unique in shape and structure.

Nat Bass camera

You deserve an authentic Ultherapy treatment. Find out how this could work for you. 

See treatment areas and before and after photos
(individual patient results may vary)

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Patient Satisfaction
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